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Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Things In Life Never Made Sense To Me

Some things in life never made sense to me: American Idol, swimming in freezing cold water, women who complain about the seat being left up, and spending the night in a line camped outside of Walmart.

That last one is a most appropriate topic for this morning, otherwise known as Black Friday: the Friday after Thanksgiving.  It also indicates the point at which retailers are “in the black” or making a profit.

Now, I pretty much hate shopping in any form.  The whole camping overnight in chilly winter weather and then scrapping with a bunch of “wild—eyed” competitive shoppers is not my idea of a good time.

Supposedly the economy is lagging and unemployment rates are high so what’s up with all these rabid shoppers?

Every year we hear stories about people getting trampled when the doors open. This years’ top stories are a shooting at a Walmart in San Leandro and an incident of another Walmart shopper in the Los Angeles area pepper spraying other shoppers in an effort to gain an advantage I suspect. 

If it weren’t so sad it would be hilarious.

I always wonder, “What would happen if they gave a sale and no one showed up?” Oh well, that will probably never happen.

So many folks are standing in line hoping to score an ipad, an Xbox game, or perhaps a 50” television for dirt-cheap.  The problem is that I’m certain that each of these stores only has about 4 of each of these products in stock and by the time you get through the doors they will be out of stock of what you wanted.  Now there’s no way you’re going to go home empty-handed.  Enter plan B. You end up buying something else.

The retailers win either way, but what about the customer?

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