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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do We Expect Too Much Perfection From Our Politicians?

Looking at all of the flack that Herman Cain has caught for his alleged indiscretions has me asking the question, “Do we expect too much of our political candidates?” I’m not talking about performance. What I’m referring to is the pristine personal lives many want them to follow.

Actually it brings to mind another question as well. Why the hell would anyone want to set himself or herself’ up for such ridiculous scrutiny? I know ego is the main reason but even an egomaniac has to have some limits.

I’m not condoning the behavior that he has been accused of engaging in but with humans being humans, clearly these sorts of things do happen.

I heard a quote a few moments ago that, “We want to elect a virgin to do a hooker’s job”. I love that quote but it really got me to thinking about our voting process.

John Edwards, Gary Hart, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, Gary Condit, JFK, I mean would go on…and on…and on…and on some more but why bother? Would you prefer to ‘swim’ with a politician that you didn’t care for personally or ‘sink’ with a politician that you liked which would you choose?

In Europe, they find our puritanical values laughable. I guess they just expect a certain amount of human frailty in their political leaders.

Given all the problems that we have facing us in this country is it really that big of an issue if a particular politician had an affair, is gay or has a brain ‘fart’ during a debate?

If a political leader could produce great results but had a messy private life, would it really matter to you at the polls?

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